Privacy Statement

Last updated: 19-04-2019

First things first – your privacy is important to us. We know that’s what all these kinds of notices say, but we really mean it. You’ve placed your trust in us by using services, and we value that trust. That means we’re committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal data you give us.

This document describes how we use and process your personal data, hopefully presented in a readable and transparent way so you can understand where we’re coming from without getting bored. As an added bonus, it also tells you how to contact us if you have questions about your personal data, which we’re more than happy to answer. Please also read our separate Cookie Policy, which tells you how uses cookies and other similar technologies.

If you’ve ever used our services before, you know that offers online travel-related services through our own websites and mobile apps, as well as through other online platforms like partners’ websites and social media. Why mention every one of these? It's good to know that all the information that follows applies to not one, not two, but all of these platforms. We have several platforms, but one Privacy Statement.

This one Privacy Statement applies to any kind of information we collect through these platforms or other means connected to these platforms (such as contacting our Customer Service team by email). It's here for less time-consuming reading.

We might amend the Privacy Statement from time to time. If you care about your privacy, you can visit this page regularly and you’ll be able to stay up to date.

A necessary part: If you disagree with this Privacy Statement, you should discontinue using our services. If you agree with our Privacy Statement, then you’re all set to plan your next trip. Let the good times roll on!

What kind of personal information does collect?

We can’t help you plan your perfect travel itinerary without information, so when you use our services there are certain pieces of information we ask for. This is pretty basic stuff – your destination, how many persons, your date. In addition to this, we also collect information from your computer. This can include the IP address, the browser you're using, and your language settings. There are also situations when we receive information about you from others or automatically collect other information. This is a basic overview of the information we collect. Other specific information we collect can be found in our cookie policy.

What happens when I book?

As soon as you want to book the trip you’ve planned. We’ll redirect you to one of our partners. Data collected by our partners is handled by their privacy statement. Personal data such as credit card information is not stored or asked by

How does share your data with third parties?

There are different parties integrated into the services in various ways and for various reasons. The primary purpose is to share your data with our partners which will handle your booking and complete your reservation. There are also other parties which can receive some of your data, which are parties we involve to provide you with the services, financial institutions, advertisers, or in some cases authorities.

How does handle your booking?

Our partners will handle your booking and complete reservation, Airtrotter is not liable if it concerns incorrect data entered by the user or by our system. You will check your entered data with our partners at all times to see if they are correct.

How does use mobile devices?

We offer -in the near future- free apps which we also collect and process personal data through. This works very much the same way as our website, but they also allow you to use our locations services. 

How does use social media?

The use of social media services may be integrated with the services in various ways, which can involve us collecting some of your personal data or the social media provider receiving some of your information. If you’d like to learn more about how this information is used and exchanged, keep reading.

What security and retention procedures does put in place to safeguard your personal data?

In accordance with European data protection laws, we observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and the misuse of, personal data. 

How does treat personal data about children? is a service you're only allowed to use if you're over 18 years old. We only process information about children with the consent of the parents or legal guardians.

How can you control the personal data you've given to

You always have the right to review the personal information we keep about you. You can request an overview of your personal data by emailing us at Please write "Request personal information" in the subject line of your email to speed things up a bit. 

Who's responsible for the processing of personal data on the website and apps?

Airtrotter B.V., located in Delft, The Netherlands, controls the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile apps.

What kind of personal information does collect?

Ok, so you’re looking for some more specifics. Here’s an in-depth view of the information we collect.

Information you give to us collects and uses information that you provide to us. First, we will ask to use your location on our website. With this information we are able to give you real-time pricings of our partners (i.e. airplane tickets and data provided by Rome2Rio). If you refuse to give your location, we will use your global location provided by your IP as stated in our cookie policy.

When you log in and make an account, we will ask for your e-mail address, username, first name, last name, city, date of birth and your password. We will use your personal information to display on your social hub ( In your account settings you are able to change your profile picture and other detailed information. With your account you are able to plan and manage your trips (pretty useful stuff).

If you create a trip, we ask for any preferences you might have for your stay on a destination (i.e. city, country, island, etc.)

If you need to get in touch with our customer service team or reach out to us through another avenue (such as on social media) we'll collect information from you there, too.

Personal information we collect automatically

We may automatically collect certain information. This includes your IP address, the date and time you accessed our services, the hardware, software or internet browser you use, and information about your computer’s operating system, like application versions and your language settings. We might also collect information about clicks and which pages have been shown to you. We use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Hotjar to collect data.

If you're using a mobile device, we might also collect data that identifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and characteristics, location details, app crashes and other system activity.

Personal information we receive from other sources

It’s not just the things you tell us, though – we might also receive information about you from other sources. These include business partners like affiliate partners and other independent third parties. Anything we get from them might be combined with information provided by you.

Why does collect and use your personal data?

We use the information collected about you for various purposes. Your personal data may be used in the following ways:

  1. Account Facilities: users can create a user account on our websites or apps. We use the information you give us to administer this account, allowing you to do a number of useful things. You can manage your trips and manage your personal settings. Managing personal settings allows you to keep and share trips on your personal page. Currently we will show all the information you give us in on your personal page.
  2. Marketing Activities: We also use your information for marketing activities. These activities may include:
    1. Using your contact information to send you news of travel-related products and services when you create a trip with us or set up a user account. You can unsubscribe from these marketing communications quickly, easily and anytime – just click on the "Unsubscribe" link included in every newsletter.
    2. Based on the information you share with us, individualized offers may be shown to you on the website, in mobile apps or on third-party websites/apps (including social media sites). These can be offers to book a specific segment at one of our partners website (i.e.,, etc.), create a complete trip, copy a premade trip, or third-party offers or products we think you might find interesting.
    3. When you participate in other promotional activities (such as sweepstakes, referral programs or competitions), relevant information will be used to administer these promotions.
  3. Communicating with you: There may be other times when we get in touch with you, including by email, mail, phone or text message – which method we choose depends on the contact information you’ve previously shared with us. And we process the communications you send to us. There could be a number of reasons for this, including:
    1. Responding to and handling any requests you or your booked accommodations have made.
    2. If you haven't finalized a reservation online, we might email you with a reminder to continue with your reservation. We believe that this additional service benefits you as it allows you to continue with a reservation without having to search for accommodations or fill in your reservation details again.
    3. If you haven't finalized a trip yet, we might email you with a reminder to continue with your trip. We believe that this additional service benefits you as it allows you to continue with a trip without starting all over.
    4. When you use our services, we might send you a questionnaire or invite you to provide a review about your experience with
    5. Even if you don't have an upcoming trip, we may send you other messages, which can include travel information, news regarding Airtrotter, community news or other relevant (travel) information.
  4. Market Research: We sometimes ask our customers to take part in market research. Any additional personal details that you give us as part of the market research will be used only with your consent.
  5. Promotion of a Safe and Trustworthy Service: In order to create a trustworthy environment for you, your fellow travelers,’s business partners, and our accommodation partners, we may use personal data for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities. Similarly, we may use personal data for risk assessment and security purposes, including the authentication of users and reservations.
  6. Improving Our Services: We also use personal data for analytical purposes. This is part of our drive to improve our services and enhance the user experience, but can also be used for testing purposes, troubleshooting and to improve the functionality and quality of our online travel services. The main goal here is to optimize and customize our online platform to your needs, making our site easier and more enjoyable to use.
  7. An account is public and can be seen by everyone.
  8. An trip is public and can be seen by everyone.
  9. Legal Purposes: Finally, in certain cases we may need to use your information to handle and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations and compliance, or to enforce the terms of use of the online reservation service, as reasonably expected.

To process your information as described above, we rely on the following legal bases:

  1. Performance of a Contract: You will not enter into a contract for booking a segment with, is only a platform where we collect different data from different partners to show given information (of our partners) real-time to our end user. Regarding booking, we will communicate your given information (i.e. dates) with one of our partners in order for you to complete your booking.
  2. Legitimate Interests: We may use your information for our legitimate interests, such as providing you with the best appropriate content for the website, emails and newsletters, to improve and promote our products and services and the content on our website, and for administrative, fraud detection and legal purposes.
  3. Consent: We may rely on your consent to use your personal information for certain direct marketing purposes. You can withdraw your consent anytime by contacting us at any of the addresses at the end of this Privacy Statement.

How does share your data with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we’ll share your personal data with third parties.

  1. The bookings you make: This one’s pretty important for what we do! In order to complete your reservation, we transfer relevant reservation details to our partners website. The booking you make will be handled by our partners (i.e.,,,
  2. Third-party Service Providers: We may use service providers to process your personal data on our behalf. This processing is for several purposes, including for example sending out marketing material. Third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality clauses and are not allowed to use your personal data for other purposes.
  3. Competent Authorities: We disclose personal data to law enforcement insofar as it is required by law or is strictly necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal acts and fraud. We may need to further disclose personal data to competent authorities to protect and defend our rights or properties, or the rights and properties of our business partners.
  4. Business Partners: When you make a reservation on one of our business partners’ websites or apps, certain personal data that you give them will be forwarded to us. In example when and where you will stay or fly. If you need customer support regarding your booking, we kindly refer you to our partners support.
  5. When you make a reservation through one of our business partners’ websites, the business partners may receive certain parts of your personal data related to the specific reservation. This is for their own internal purposes (such as analytical purposes) and, if requested by you, for the administration of loyalty programs or marketing.
  6. When you make a reservation on a business partners’ website, please also take the time to read their privacy policies if you'd like to understand how these business partners may process your personal data. When we offer you other travel-related products and/or services, your information may be shared with the offering business partners to handle or administer your order. For fraud detection and prevention purposes and as strictly necessary, we may also exchange information about our users with business partners.
  7. Advertising partners: As a way of marketing services through third-party business partners (to ensure relevant advertisements are shown to the right audience), we may share personal data with advertising partners. This includes your email address. We strive to only share email addresses in a hashed form so they can be matched to an existing customer database. We strive not to share your email address for any other purpose. For more information on personalized advertisements and your choices, read "How are cookies used?" and "What are your choices?" in our Cookie Statement. 

How does process bookings.

As stated before, Airtrotter is a platform where we collect data provided by multiple partners (i.e.,,,, etc.). Bookings will be handled by our partners website. We will communicate certain information (i.e. dates, amount of persons in your trip) as a deeplink to help you book the correct segment (i.e. accommodation, flights, excursion, car rental). is only responsible for collecting information provided by our partners. With regard to booking, you are responsible for the correct data input.

Business partners through whose platform you made the reservation and accommodation partners may choose to communicate with you directly by email or other channels that does not control.

How does use mobile devices?

We offer a version of our regular website that have been optimized for mobile and tablet browsing. Our mobile website process the personal details you give us in much the same way as our website does – and they also allow you to use location services to find accommodations nearby. With your consent, we may send you push notifications with information about your trips. You may grant us access to your location data or contact details in order to provide services requested by you. Please read the instructions of your mobile device to understand how to change the settings and enable the sharing of such data or the receipt of push notifications. may make use of something known as cross-device tracking in order to optimize our services and marketing activities. This may be done with or without the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and other similar technologies, please see our Cookie Statement below. With cross-device tracking, is able to track user behavior across multiple devices. As part of cross-device tracking, may combine data collected from a particular browser or mobile device with another computer or device linked to the computer or device from which the data was collected. 

In order to optimize the content of the newsletter, combines the searches and trips made from different computers and devices while you're logged into your user account on each of these computers and devices. If you don't want to combine such data for newsletter generation or to optimize the content of our websites and/or (future) apps, either log out of a device or computer or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Personalized advertisements shown to you on other websites or in apps, can be offered based on your activities on linked computers and devices. By opting out of the NAI behavioral advertising program (see in our Cookie Statement under “What are your choices?”), you can opt out of cross-device tracking for advertisement purposes. You should know that logging out of your user account will not actually mean that you opt out of personalized advertisements.

How does use social media?

Here at, we use social media in different ways. We use it partly to promote our brand, to promote business partners’ travel-related products and services, and to advertise, improve and facilitate our own services.

Logging in with your social media account: We may offer you the opportunity to sign in to a user account with your social media account, which saves you from having to remember different user names and passwords for different online services. After you’ve signed in once, you’ll always be able to use your social media account to sign in to your account. You can disconnect these accounts from each other at any time, too.

Integration of social media plugins: We also have integrated social media plugins into the website and apps. This means that when you click on one of the buttons (such as Facebook’s "Like" button) certain information is shared with these social media providers. If you're logged in to your social media account at the same time, your social media provider may relate this information to your social media account and possibly present your actions on your social media profile to be shared with others in your network.

Other social media services and features: We may also integrate other social media services (like social media messaging) to interact with or with your contacts about our services. We may also maintain social media accounts and offer apps on several social media sites. Whenever you connect with through social media, your social media service provider may allow you to share information with If you choose to share, you'll generally be told by your social media provider which information will be shared. For example, when you log in to a user account with your social media account, certain information (as authorized by you to your social media provider) may be shared with This might include your email address, age, or profile pictures saved in your user account.

When you register with a social media app or connect to a social media messaging service without having a user account, the information you choose to share with us may include the basic information available in your social media profile (including your email address, status updates and a list of your contacts). We’ll use this information to help provide you with the service you requested – for example, to forward a message you want to send to your contacts or to create a personalized user experience in the app itself or on our websites. It means we can customize our services to fit your needs, connecting you and your friends with the best travel destinations and analyzing and enhancing our travel-related services. Your social media provider will be able to tell you more about how they use and process your data whenever you connect with through them.

What security procedures does put in place to safeguard your personal data?

In accordance with European data protection laws, we observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and the misuse of, personal data.

We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal data you give us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using the personal data on our servers. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access personal data in the course of their work.

How does treat personal data about children?

The services offered by are not directed at children under 18 years old. The use of any of our services is only allowed with the valid consent of a parent or a guardian. If we receive information from a child under 18 years old, we reserve the right to delete it. In limited cases as part of a reservation, purchase of other travel-related services, or in exceptional other circumstances (such as features addressed to families), may collect and use information about children only with the consent of the parent.

How can you control the personal data you've given to

You always have the right to review the personal information we keep about you. You can request an overview of your personal data by emailing us at Please write "Request personal information" in the subject line of your email to speed things up.

You can also contact us if you believe the personal information we have for you is incorrect, if you believe that we are no longer entitled to use your personal data, or if you have any other questions about how your personal information is used, or about this Privacy Statement. Please email or write to us using the contact details. We'll handle your request in accordance with the applicable Dutch data protection law. You can delete your user account at any time by signing in to your account on the website and removing your account.

Who's responsible for processing personal data on the website and (future) apps?

Airtrotter B.V. controls the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile apps. Airtrotter B.V. is a company, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands and has its offices at Poortweg 4, 2612 PA Delft, the Netherlands. If you have any suggestions or comments about this privacy notice, please send an email to and we’ll get right back to you. When it comes to privacy, we’re always here to talk.