Individual itinerary Scotland

Making a tour through Scotland should definitely be on your bucket list. This country is known for the beautiful nature, the special cities and of course for the considerable history that the country has. A tour of Scotland is one of the best ways to discover both nature and culture. Let’s consider what is important when it comes to planning an individual tour in Scotland. That way you know exactly what to expect when traveling.

Which transportation?

When it comes to transportation during your trip, there are of course countless options. In the first place it is possible to choose a car or camper. This is one of the easiest ways for families to find your way in Scotland. Scotland is also an excellent country to visit by motorbike, because of the long roads you can drive for a long period of time.

Flying is the second option, this is for people who just want a little more convenience when traveling. It takes approximately 1 hour from Amsterdam. Fly with KLM from Amsterdam from € 144 per person. For budget travelers there is an alternative, depart from Eindhoven and fly with Ryanair from as little as € 38. For example, visit or Skyscanner to find out where you can book the cheapest / best tickets for your trip.

It is also possible to go by public transport, the train to Edinburg takes around 10 hours. Hereby you will travel via Brussels, to London and then to Glasgow or Edinburg.

Transportation in Scotland

In Scotland itself there are various options. The easiest way (especially after flying) is to rent a car as soon as you have landed. One of our favorite to rent a car is at Sunnycars (on average 185, – per week). Another option is public transport, view and plan your route on Rome2Rio. Trains run regularly between major cities and buses run to smaller towns. From Edinburg to Aberdeen you are on the road for about 2 hours and 20 minutes which costs you an average of 25 euros. You could buy tickets on the website of Cross Country Trains or ScotRails. It is of course easier to drive the car yourself, but keep in mind that you have to drive on the left like in the whole of Great Britain. For smaller distances you can also opt for taxis (in Edinburgh or Glasgow) or grab an Uber in for example Edinburgh.

Do you want to make it an active holiday? Rent a bicycle, because the landscape is ideal for long cycling routes. That way you can combine movement and sightseeing.

Individual itinerary Scotland

How many days are you going?

The number of days to visit depends on your route. We always recommend visiting Scotland between 7 and 18 days. On average we would recommend 11 days. In this time frame you will be able to see more than enough of the highlights from Scotland.

Which routes do you take?

The route that you take during your tour is of course completely personal, because nobody decides what you should or should not do. However, it is useful to check in advance what sort of places you want to visit. The most chosen types of routes that are generally put together are:

Route 1: Edinburg – Stirling – Dinnet – Aberdeen – Grantown-on-Spey – Pitlochry – Glasgow
Route 2: Edinburg – Pitlochry – Inverness – Melvich – Scourie – Poolewe – Glencoe – Glasgow
Route 3: Newcastle – Trossachs – Beauly – Pitlochry – Edinburgh
Route 4: Newcastle – Longniddry – Perth – Corpach – Crieff

You can of course also plan your own route entirely on That way you can plan your own journey as you wish, this gives much more freedom when traveling and is cheaper then booking at a traditional travel agency.

Individual itinerary Scotland
Route 4: Newcastle – Longniddry – Perth – Corpach – Crieff

Which accommodations?

You will then have to think about the type of accommodation you want to book for your tour in Scotland. Scotland has countless types of hotels and hostels where you can stay overnight, this is therefore always an option that you can go for. Scotland is also an excellent country for people who like to book an AirBnB. Especially in the big cities there are so many cozy apartments to be found that offer you a remote opportunity to stay pleasant.

For those who are up for an adventure, there are also many wild camping and normal campsites in Scotland. The country is known for its beautiful nature, so it is logical that you can also camp here perfectly. Couchsurfing is also an option, although the options for this are somewhat more limited. Or choose to rent a camper, at Goboony there are different types and sizes of campers.

The highlights

Scotland is known for the many sights and highlights that I cannot find anywhere else in Europe. Loch Ness is still a myth that appeals to the imagination of many people. Loch Lomond is also a beautiful lake to visit. For those who love art, a visit to the Scottish National Gallery or to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow is highly recommended. Here you will find the authentic Scottish artwork, you can only find it here in Scotland.

There is a lot to see in Scotland when it comes to castles. A visit to the old Edinburg Castle, or have a look at the dark Palace of Holyroodhouse? Because of the rich history there is a lot to see and experience. During your tour in Scotland you will learn everything about the history of the country. From the time the English king was in charge there until the uprising, everything will come by during the many exhibitions and such.

Individual itinerary Scotland

Best travel time

The best season in Scotland is from April to October. The best travel time is therefore in May, June and September. The temperature is good during this period and you have fewer problems with flies. However, you can visit Scotland in any season, the weather conditions are mild, changeable and unstable all year round. Actually it is a bit comparable to the Netherlands in terms of weather. There will certainly be a splash of rain once in a while during your tour, but this certainly does not prevent you from seeing and discovering this special country with your own eyes.

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