Australia is home to the world famous kangaroo. Nowhere in the world can you find as many as those roaming around in the Australian outback. Also around Sydney you can find these beautiful animals, see a list below or more information about Sydney can be found here.

Kangaroo is almost synonymous to Australia because when you talk about kangaroo, Australia would readily come in mind. Although countries like New Zealand, New Guinea and the pacific island US state Hawaii have become homes to some species of kangaroos, Australia kangaroos are truly different and unique.

Their strong back legs that they use for mobility—hopping, commonly identify Australia kangaroos. Kangaroos are classified in two families, the Macropodidae and Potoroidae. The Macropodidae, other than kangaroos, has wallabies, tree-kangaroos. It also has wallaroos and pademelons. The potoroidae have different kinds like potoroos, bettongs and the rat-kangaroos. All these species are exclusively found in Australia and thrive in different habitats.

The red and gray kangaroos are the two most common and best-known types of Australia kangaroos. Although the red one is considered as the largest marsupial. On the one hand a male red kangaroo can stand as high as two meters and can be as heavy as 90 kilograms. It survives in dry land areas of Australia like the dessert and grassland. They are also found living along mallee areas and mulga country. They can even survive without water for a prolonged period for as long as it can feed on green grass. On the other hand a gray kangaroo, which has two typesóeastern and western, is very common in areas where there is considerable frequency of rainfall.

Australia kangaroos or any kangaroos for that matter are famous for their pouch. A newly born or young kangaroo is carried by the mother inside the pouch while being attached to one of the teats. The baby kangaroo stay inside the pouch until such time that it is strong and able enough to hop on its own.

The kangaroos in Australia are facing threats of extinction because of the heavy improvement on some areas where kangaroos live. Modernization is one of the archenemies of kangaroos. It destroys their natural habitat thus they go on quandary in looking for food for their survival. Other predators like fox and wild cats, changing climates that lead to forest fires, transformation of grassland into grazing lands also pose grave threats to kangaroos survival.

The Australian government has spearheaded measures in protecting Australia kangaroos through legislation. It also assisted in research endeavors to better the living conditions of kangaroos. Kangaroos are now being protected from hunting activities. Some areas are now protected in favor of these kangaroos.
Kangaroos will always be a part of Australian pride. But for how long will it take for any Australian to hold on to that pride if the kangaroos are becoming extinct. Actually there are many things that can be done to help preserve the kangaroos. Let us do our share.

Top spots to see kangaroos around Sydney

  • Blue Mountains
    • Jenolan Caves Cottages
    • Euroka campground
  • Bawley Point
    • Pebbly Beach
  • Hunter Valley
  • Jervis Bay
    • Campground
  • Port Stephens
  • Canberra
    • Mount Ainslie



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