Our 5 Travel Tips


Patience is key!

While traveling, you sometimes come across situations which are inevitable to avoid and need patience to solve. Don’t be angry and raised up with things you can’t control. Is the weather bad during your trip, don’t sweat go do other activities. Missed the buss? Relax and wait a couple of minutes. Look around and see the beauty of traveling, in the end you’ll laugh why you had to walk 30 minutes to find out the ATM you had in mind didn’t work. Be patience to take the perfect photo. Traveling is an adventure, just go for it. Explore, dream and discover!

Be a local.

Eat local food, see where locals live and what their habits are. Discover and be amazed! Get off the beaten path. This way, you experience a destination totally different than other travelers who only visit the regular sights. Learn from locals, listen to them, interact with them, ask them relevant questions and be respectful toward each other. People enrich your travels more than sights do!



Be open.

Be open to other cultures and to the beauty of the world. Respect your fellow humans. See what they are up to and learn from each other. Listen to others. Be grateful you are able to see the world and meet other people and other cultures. Don’t judge others from the outside, be open to others. See the beauty of the world; her nature, her history, her tranquility.



Be an early bird!

One thing I’ve learned while traveling is to be an early bird. A great adventure always start early. This way, you can achieve so much more during your trip. See the sunrise and go out, explore the world! Also in the early morning, you’re able to avoid the bigger crowd. Also from my own experience, it is much easier to interact with locals in the early morning. Besides, there is so much to see and to do in one day. Just go for it!


Don’t be afraid.

Our last tip is don’t be afraid of what the media is telling you, or even what friends and family is telling you. As a personal example, when I was younger I went to Florida with my girlfriend. My family was saying we had to be really cautious all over Florida and they tried to scare us. Which actually ruined our holiday since we were so scared most of the time during this particular roadtrip. Just listen to yourself where ever you go. The world isn’t a bad place at all, people have different habits. Just watch out and be informed where ever you go. Most people are friendly, trustworthy and willing to help during your travels.

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