Sydney, Australia

The most important and oldest city in Australia is Sydney. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Internationally recognized as the shining star of the southern hemisphere, the ‘Emerald City’ is one of the most striking places on earth. Sydney Australia is often described as sunny, sophisticated, stunning and is one of the largest cities in the world; fortunately all interesting attractions are aligned in a reasonably ‘packed’ area.

The most important and number one sight to see is the Sydney Opera House at Bennelong Point, where the theater, opera and ballet companies of Australia as well as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra can be found. Guided tours can be organized and there are also several restaurants in the complex.

Walking across the opera house, visitors head for another large emblem, the Sydney Harbor Bridge; beneath it lies The Rock, a historical part of Sydney as the site of the first colonial settlement of Australia in 1788 and home to lively characters, artists and residents.

There are so many things to do in Sydney, that even spending a week will allow visitors to see and do even more. The summers are the best times in Sydney, especially on the beach, with more than twenty beaches along the ocean of the city, and a few more around the harbor, where every tourist is spoiled with striking choices. The most popular is Bondi, with a golden sandy beach known for its Speedo-clad lifeguards and surfboarders.

Coastal Path
A must-do-do in Sydney during the summers is a walking tour along the two-mile coastal path that shows the way to the cliff tops through the pleasant Tamara beach and then to the beautiful Bronte beach, where you can relax with the breaking waves of the Pacific. Another pleasant thing to do is to go to another beach favorite, the Manly, which is a thirty minute ride by ferry from the Circular Quay.

The city itself offers something nice to enjoy, from the vibrant theater, concert, opera, dance or pub entertainment, to the many dinner cruises in the harbor with beautiful scenery and entertainment, or simply taste the best of seafood and international cuisine. .

Sydney Australia offers a mix of adventure for beach lovers and nature lovers, with four national parks with a fantastic ambience that offers the possibility to picnic, bushwalk or simply explore. Everything in the city flows smoothly with accessibility.

Best of all, Sydney offers, unlike many other major cities in the world, good value for travelers on a budget; food and public transport are cheap, hotel rooms are much cheaper, and attractions are usually reasonably priced, making it one of the best adventure and holiday destinations.

Blue Mountains
Sydney has so much to offer from the breathtaking Blue Mountains to popular hang out Bondi Beach. You can visit the Blue Mountains National Park real easy. Take the Blue Mountains Line from Central Station in Sydney, within 2 hours you’re here! Visit Katoomba Station, take bus 686 and within 15 mins you have a breathtaking view over the Three Sisters.


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