Travel planner: How to create your perfect travel plan

In this guide we’ll show you in a few steps how to create your perfect travel plan with our travel planner How do you start planning? What to do, what to see and where to stay? Of course, you can book a complete trip at a (online) travel agency, however experience shows that booking individual parts can save you up to 1/3th of the total trip price.

Okay so you decided to plan and book everything separated. Now, it’s time for the struggle with multiple excel sheets, find hotels on numerous websites, look for the best flight tickets, find the best routes between your destinations, excursions perhaps and what about sights. A lot of work but… it saves you money! Now here comes the trick, below there are a few steps for you to plan your trip where ever you want to go within 15 minutes of your time. Saves you money AND time. Let’s go!

Step 1: What type

First of all, what type of holiday are you looking for? Relax at the beach, a road trip, backpacking, all-inclusive or something completely different. Or perhaps a combination of both. It’s up to you!

Step 2: Inspiration

In order for you to know where you want to go, you need some inspiration. Use bloggers, vloggers, our website or online travel agencies to be inspired for your next trip. Search different sites for the best routes that matches your needs. After some inspiration start planning. For this example we found a great route in Canada: from Toronto, to Ottawa, then Montreal and Kingston. An awesome trip. We will use this route for our plan later on in this blog.


Step 3: Flight tickets

Next, we need flight tickets, the best we can find. Our favorite websites are definitely either or Skyscanner. In this case we’ll use because they have very extensive search options. We select Amsterdam with a radius of +250 km, then Toronto. Departure we click on the month October 2019 because we are very flexible when we can leave (so we’ve selected the entire month). Next, click on Trip Length at the return field and select 9 to 12 nights. Now the system automatically finds the best/cheapest tickets out there in the month October for a trip between 9 and 12 nights.

Which, in this case, is 10 to 19 October from Amsterdam for € 440,-. With this information, we now go to Because our platform uses the same systems as for example does.


Step 4: Create your plan

We now know our route and we know the dates that are the cheapest to fly, now use to create your free plan. With this free online holiday / travel planner you’re able to create your custom plan yourself within minutes of your time.

So let’s begin, we select Amsterdam as home town with departure date October 10th. Next, our first destination: Toronto. We will stay in Toronto until October 13th. Then Ottawa, Montreal and we end in Kingston on the 19th. This last date is crucial for your flight tickets, because you found the cheap return flights on for € 441,- you want to use in your plan. Now hit “Let’s Travel”. The system automatically finds your flights, but also routes between destinations.

Now, because the system thinks you are flying all over the world, you need to select “Return Flight”. After this, the only thing you now have to do is select hotels at your destinations provided by, excursions (by and sights (by Google).  And you’re all set. The system calculates your total trip price which is in our plan € 690,- p.p. Perfect for a road trip in Canada. Canada roadtrip

Step 5: Let’s go!

Your last step is of course the bookings, we’ve compiled everything in one total price as we mentioned before. Open your Shopping Cart at the left side (on mobile on top) and book the selected parts (flights, hotels and excursions).

Enjoy your trip and send us some pictures of your dream holiday 🙂

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